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writer, speaker, world changer

Four months after my breast cancer diagnosis, my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away six weeks later.

For some reason or a hundred reasons, losing my husband made me question the real meaning of love. I dedicated a whole year to searching for it. I spent most of the year in Haiti, where I made life-changing discoveries about love that rocked my world.

I was chased by a motorcycle gang, slept on the ground where snakes and tarantulas roam, got lost on a mile-high mountain, and so much more. All of the sometimes scary, sometimes funny, always enlightening things that happened led to new revelations about love.

Now I am on a quest to spread the word and change the world.

When I'm not writing, broadcasting, coaching, speaking, or serving,  I enjoy my life-long and newer friendships, hanging out with any or all of my 11 grandkids, reading, playing tennis and pickle ball, painting (I'm no Bob Ross!), traveling, meeting new people, and an occasional stick of black licorice.

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"My vision is to change the world through the power of love."

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